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Monday, September 17, 2018

Shovel factory warehouse

I have completed the warehouse for the shovel factory.  It was relatively easy but I built a mobile lift that took way more time than I thought it would.  The warehouse has vertical wood siding and is attached to the factory building.

The warehouse is a two story structure with a deck that will probably be rail side.  The upper open door has a hoist and a figure inside holding a control cable (not visible in this view).  On the deck is the mobile lift,  a pallet of material ready to be hoisted up to the second floor,  and a bundle of shovels next to the lower door.

Above is the factory building showing the other side of the warehouse.  The is a door from the warehouse to the factory roof and a ladder up to the warehouse roof.   The next building will be the office located to the right of the warehouse.

Above is an image of an old Tiering lifting truck.  I found it somewhat difficult to build a model of this due to all of the small details and my shaky hands.

Above is my model of the lift with an operator on the rear platform.  It is mostly wood with a plastic wheel frame.  My model is not exact but close enough for me.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Railway Express Agency Truck

I have built a Sylvan Scale Models Railway Express Agency truck model.  Their models are good and they have some appropriate to my era.  The decals work well and slide off their base almost instantly after being wet.  Their truck wheels have actual rubber tires.  They are plastic castings.

Below are some interesting railroad rolling stock.

Above is a rather dilapidated Lehigh & Hudson River caboose that I photographed on one of my railroad tours.

And above is an old style flat car with a load of boilers.  That would make for a neat model.

As for the shovel factory, I am mid-way through constructing the warehouse structure.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Shovel factory building complete

I have completed the first of the three factory buildings - the factory itself.  I modeled interior details which as usual are not very visible with the roof on, but you can see some due to the wide main door and large windows.  Also, I enjoy modeling interior details.  Some of the details are from a plastic machinery  detail kit and the others scratch built.

Above you can see an overall view of the interior before the roof was added.

Above is a view of the interior from another angle.  The center rear door is an entrance to the warehouse which will be attached and is the next model I will be constructing.  I made some metal sheets from paper painted silver - one is on the table and others are in the cart by the rear door.  The metal is material for constructing the shovels.  The shelves to the right rear were made from card stock and stuffed with "junk".

This view shows the factory with roof and furnace stack added, as well as an exterior oil tank.  You can see the furnace at the rear in the first interior view.  It was made form wood and paper scraps.

In this view you can see a few interior details inside the door.  I will probably add open wood doors at each side of the door opening.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Shovel factory model start

My next model will be a shovel factory.  It will consist of three connected structures, the factory building,  a storage building and an office building.  The first structure I am building is the factory which is a brick structure with a flat roof.  The forth wall which has not been constructed will effectively be part of the attached storage building.

The windows are by Tichy and the small door is a cheap plastic casting of unknown origin.  Due to the openness of this structure I will need to add some interior detail. The brick walls are thin plastic brick material glued to wood backing.

Below are some photos of prototype factories which I use for ideas - not to be copied.

The first is a photo I took on a trip to North Carolina.  The second is from an old industrial book.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Clarke feed & seed store complete

I have finally completed the feed & seed store.  This has been a rough week for me.  I was using a tall step ladder to cut down one of the many bag worm webs in my trees when the branch with the web in it came right at me when I cut it - I ducked and destabilized the ladder and it fell to the ground with me on it.  I sustained bruises and a gash on my leg.  I guess it could have been worse.  In any event the store is complete though I may add more details in the future.

The fun thing I added on the front porch is a jug band.  When I install it on my layout I will add some audience in the street.  On the rear right side is a wood "grain" bin.  Not sure what is in it.

The door on the left side is to allow carts or whatever to be moved into the storage area at the back of the store.  The roof is covered with commercial roll roofing and heavily weathered.

Above is a view of the rear of the store.  There is a pile of sacks on the rear porch.  I added lots of commercial signs on the building.

As usual, I next have the always difficult task of deciding what to build next.  TBD .......

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Feed & seed store model start

I have built two of the walls of the feed & seed store, the front and the left side.  There are many details to be added including the store name sign, lots of product signs, and what I think will be an interesting scene on the front porch.

The roof behind the false front will be a slope roof with roll roofing.  The roof over the front porch is covered with corrugated metal heavily weathered.

Above includes a view of the left side.  I do not plan to construct any interior detail.

I have researched my photo library and old books for samples of feed & seed stores or something similar.  Below is the closest I found.  It is a photo I took years ago in Sykesville, Maryland.  It really has little resemblance to what I am modeling but is somewhat interesting.

Most of my modeling ideas for this model came from internet searches but I cannot post the photos I found.  I always do internet searches for my modeling.  There are lots of useful photos out there.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Panel delivery truck model

I have assembled an SS Ltd panel delivery truck model.  I still need to add some signs on the sides but it is essentially complete.  As usual, I found it painful to build but the metal castings are very nice.

I will probably do some more weathering after I add the signs.

Below is a similar prototype truck approximately the same vintage.

I believe that company still exists.

Next Project.

My next model will be a feed and seed store.  I made four sketches before I came up with something I liked.