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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Law office model complete

I have completed the law office model. I have added a little humor by adding  a fortune teller renting an upstairs room ( not sure if the law office customers visit the fortune teller before or after meeting with the attorney).  The main structure has board & batten siding with a roof shingled with paper shingles and the garage is board by board siding with a board by board roof cover with thin paper tar paper.  Windows are by Tichy.

I weathered the building sides and roof with chalks.

Above is a rear view.  The stack was made with plastic spurs topped with a small wood cone sanded from the end of a dowel.

This side view shows a sign listing some of the law issue this company deals with.

Now again I need to decide on my next model.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Law office model start

My next model is a small town law office with hopefully a little humor.  This structure has a fairly small footprint.  There will be a garage on the right side and I will be adding shingles on the roof.

There will be signs on the front.

Above is a view of the rear of the building.  There will be a shed on the back.  There will also be other details added.  

One bit of "legal" humor I recall is the law office name "Dewey, Cheatem & Howe" which was used by the car talk guys - Tom & Ray Magliozzi.  They had a very humorous weekly radio show which I used to listen to.  After Tom died the show ended.  

Monday, February 25, 2019

Locomotive water crane

While deciding what to model next I built an HO locomotive water crane from a Durango Press kit I acquired many years ago.  Not sure where I will install this but it was a simple kit with poor instructions.  I made a few modifications.  Under the platform is a series of metal pipes which are not visible - kind of a waste though I made the platform section on the near side liftable if you actually  want to see the pipes.

To the left of the water column is a control wheel, and on this end of the base is the end of the pipe that presumably connects to a water source.

Above is a picture of a reefer icing platform located in Salisbury Maryland vintage 1922,  Just something else to round out this post.

My next model will be a small 2 story wood structure with an attached garage.  Not sure yet what it will be but I will figure that out as I progress.  It will be some sort of an industry or business.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Delivery truck model

I created this truck model starting with a plastic fire engine ladder truck that was fully assembled.  I stripped off all of the details and modified the frame to fit the truck I was modeling.  There was no cab so that needed to be created.

Above is the completed truck with a photo in the background that was the inspiration for what I built.    I built an internal frame for the truck superstructure using wood strips and covered it with a card stock body.

Above is a rear view showing the rear door.

And above is a side view.

My next project will be a small wood structure.  Since I am running out of room on my layout I need to keep things small.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Music store complete

My music store is now complete.  It was fairly simple although detailing the interior took extra time.  You can barely see the interior as usual but I enjoy doing it.  There is a man with a music box and a monkey on his shoulder on the front walk and a family enjoying his music.

I put some music related signs on both sides.

There is a sign projecting out by the front door that says "records".

Above is a rear view.

Now to come up with another project - gets harder as I have done so many different things.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Music store progress

My music store model is progressing slowly.  When I include interior details it takes more time.  As usual, the interior details will likely be difficult to see but I like doing it anyway.  The interior details include shelves of records, a shelf at the large window with a record player with a large sound tube on top and a record in its sleeve on display, and a juke box model near the window. There are two musical instruments on a shelf.

Above is the model without the roof so you can see the juke box in the center.

Above is the store with the roof sitting on top,  but not attached.

Above is the juke box model, - a little crude but it will be inside the store so hard to see distinctly.  It is 3' wide and 5' high.

There is a lot more work to do but I wanted to get something posted.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Music store start

My next model will be a music store that sells records and musical instruments.  After an extended period of research and design thoughts (I did not even do a sketch on this),  I have built the front of the store.  There are more details to be added.  Due to the large front window I will be adding some interior detail.

In 1939 (my modeling era) the records were 78 RPM, and some of the early records were recorded only on one side.  I have some of these.  About 35 yers ago I bought a juke box that plays 78 RPM records.  It plays only one side.  To play the other side I need to take the record out and turn it over.

Above is a photo of my juke box.  It was built about 1939 or possibly earlier.  I takes a while to warm up before it plays because it operates on vacuum tubes.  Vacuum tubes can  still be purchased.  The songs on the records I have inside are very old and interesting.  I have to operate it at least once a month to keep it operating well.  I may try to scratch build a juke box for my model.