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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Small wood building start

I have started building a small wood building but have not yet decided what it will be.  Still a lot of work to be done so I have time to decide.  It will be some kind of small business since it does not look like a house.  I just like building things.

The roof still need s shingles and it needs more weathering.  Once I decide what it will be I will add appropriate signs and details.

There will be a shed at the back.

While I was thinking about what to build,  I assembled a plastic automobile kit by Mountain States.  Nothing special.  It fits my layout era.

I am also building a truck using the front of an old plastic fire engine.  It needs a new rear section as well as a new cab.  These things are fun.  I acquired a bunch of old fire engines from estates but I do not need any more fire engines.  I built a firehouse a few years ago with fire engines.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Old machine shop complete

My old machine shop model is now complete, unless as usual I decide to make additions or changes.   The first two photos are with the roof on and the second two with the roof off to show the interior.  This shop builds new machines and refurbishes old machines so I have included some old pieces of machinery awaiting refurbishment.

Above you can see I added a water tower for the boiler room and at the right you can see some of the details on the loading dock.  I also added some protective screens on the lower part of the windows on this side to protect them from flying debris from passing trains/trucks as there will be either a track or road here depending on where I install the industry.

And above is the other end showing a loaded dock.

Above is a view of one end of the interior.  There is a work bench at the upper left and some machines.

And above is a view of the other end of the interior.  You can see the small office at the upper left.  This model was fun to build.

And now I need to figure out what to build next.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Old machine shop progress

I have essentially completed the machine shop building and the boiler house.  There are more details and weathering to be added.  The roof on the machine shop is easily removed by lifting using the vents as handles.  The boiler house has no interior details.

The loading dock at the right was made with wood.  There will be details on it.

The loading dock is reached from inside the shop by the door at the left.  

The machines above are SS Ltd kits.  As usual very nice castings but not that easy to build - especially with  the many small parts and my shaky hands.  This getting old business is frustrating.  These machines will be placed in the shop along with other details and a few figures.  Thus far the interior details include a work bench with tools and a small office structure in one corner.  The story is that the shop used to have an external office but it burned down due to a careless cigar by the previous shop superintendent (he was fired).

It took longer than it should have to make this progress but my cable was out for a day and a half (no TV and no Internet), causing me to spend time fussing with the cable company.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Old machine shop start

My next model will be an old machine shop with a building that is well worn.   I have started with the walls and floor of the building.  The roof will be removable to allow the interior machine details to be seen.  The wall are made from thin plastic brick material glued to a wood interior.  I found when cutting the plastic that the brick rows were not totally parallel - very annoying.  The floor is a sheet of card stock.

The small door at the left above is for access from inside to an outside loading dock.  Inside is a ramp.

Above is a view of the other end from an elevated height so you can see the interior ramp.  On this end at the near corner will be a stone boiler house to provide power to the shop.

Next I will complete the boiler house which I have already started and assemble the cast metal machinery for inside.  I intend to do a lot of weathering and details both inside and out.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Roofing company truck

This truck started with the front end of a cheap plastic fire engine.  The rest of the truck is scratch built.  It is intended to be an old and beat-up truck to carry roofing materials.

The cab was made using card stock and the truck bed is wood.  I added some old style wheels from my large stock of various sizes and styles of wheels and tires.

The truck bed is stocked with a ladder, two barrels, an open box (front right side) holding a saw and various tools,  A small bucket behind Bob who is sitting on the rear of the truck bed.  There is a lantern hanging on the right side of the truck bed front.  

This was an interesting build.

I have decided my next model will be a small brick machinery company building with a variety of machinery inside.  I plan to make the roof removable so the interior detail will be visible for a change.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Roofing company model

I have decided to make my recent model a roofing company.  I find it harder and harder to come up with different industries or businesses.  I have done just about everything I can think of that fits my era and general location (western Pennsylvania ).  In any event the model is now finished with signs and details.

I named it the O.H. Shucks Roofing company - a little humor.  In the front is a pallet with a stack of shingles on it.

On the side are a variety of details including a ladder, barrels, and a guy sitting on a chair on the porch.  I built the chair from scratch with tiny wood pieces and paper.  At the rear of the side is a pile of corrugated metal and wood scrap.

I glued a paper base underneath extending from the sides to hold the scenery and details since adding these things after the structure is installed on the layout can be difficult.

As usual when I build a model, I did some internet searches on roofing companies, shingles, etc.  for modeling ideas.  Interestingly after these searches, I got some calls from small local roofing companies - I do not recall ever getting calls from roofing companies before although I do get a regular spate of spam calls from all kinds of organizations.  That was of course before I posted what the model was.

Again I need to decide what to model next.  This gets harder and harder.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Small wood business structure model

I have been working on a small wood structure that will be some business but I have not yet decided what business that will be.  I just liked the design.  The structure is essentially complete but still awaiting signs and details.  I did detail the interior of the garage but as usual is difficult to see those details.  The building siding is board & batten.

The roof is shingled with the Campbell paper shingles colored with ink alcohol solution and black soot,  and the widows are by Tichy.  All doors are scratch built.

The side door is under the roof covering the shed and there is also a shed door under that roof.

The smoke stack on the back was made using a piece of plastic angle sprue with a paper top.

Now I have to decide what business this is ....