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Friday, August 23, 2019

Ladder company start

My next model is a wood ladder company.  The structure has a wide front door opening into the ladder assembly area.  The doors have been assembled but not installed.  To the right is the office area.  At the back of the structure will be a finished ladder storage area.  This company only makes wood ladders.

As you can see the roof has not yet been installed.  The floor inside was made using an old style card stock product called Flexoline which I believe is no longer available.  It has pre-scribed sections that look like scale boards.  It was used as I recall to provide separators for early computer files.  The assembly area will be detailed with wood processing machinery such as saws, lathes, etc.

There will also be exterior details such as wood racks, a sawdust pile, and a wood scrap pile.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Truck & trailer model

I have scratch built a truck with a trailer modeled after a prototype seen in one of the photos.  The truck was made using wood pieces and card stock.  The wheels were made from shirt buttons.  This was an interesting build complicated by life events that slowed down construction.

The fenders are card stock.  The front grill was made using metal scraps.

I have not yet added any load inside the trailer.

Above is an early photo during the construction,  The seat is a vintage wood passenger car model seat.

I am next going to build some kind of small structure which is easier for me.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Hand pump company complete

My hand pump company is now complete.  I have added the office and added details to the loading dock as well as some signs.

The office building has clapboard siding and a shingled roof.

The loading dock has a pallet with three hand pumps on it,  a trash can and a worker sitting next to the stairs.  I installed some paper with grass and dirt scenery under the dock as well as several clumps of grass in a few areas - that is easier to do now rather than later.

This has been an interesting model and may have additional details added later.

Now again I need to decide what to model next.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Hand pump company more progress

I have added the roof to the assembly building and added the storage building.  The remaining part to be done is the office building.

The storage building has a metal roof and a loading dock.

While there are details inside each of the buildings above the doors just look dark.

Now I will be constructing the office building which will be attached to the other end of the assembly building.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Hand pump company progress

The hand pump company has progressed.  I have added the assembly building which is the main structure.  It is not totally complete as the roof is not on it and some other details.

The assembly building is attached to the small foundry.  Still to be added are the storage building and the office.  I have added a number of details inside the assembly building since with the large door and the windows the inside will be visible to some extent.

Above is a view of the inside of the assembly building where you can see some of the interior details.   Those details are mostly rough examples of machinery, storage shelves and materials.  I may add more along with some weathering.

While searching for detail materials I came across some metal toothpaste tube sections I saved many years ago.  Toothpaste no longer is sold in metal tubes to the best of my knowledge.

The metal is very thin and flexible and I plan to use it for construction projects.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Hand pump company model start

My next model is a hand pump company.  Hand pumps were in extensive use in the early to mid 1900's.  When I was a young boy I used to spend summers at my grandmothers cottage on an island in northern New York which had no water at the cottages but instead relied on a water hand pump at one point on the island.

Above is an example of a hand pump.

My hand pump company will have multiple connected buildings.  The first one I have built is a small metal forge for creating the metal parts of the pumps.

Above is a view of the large open door where you can see some of the components inside.

And above is a view of the inside from above - the roof is yet to be added.  At the upper part is the metal melting cupola and on the right are shelves with small metal sheets for use in the cupola.

Above is the cupola before it was installed.  On the right is an air box to feed the furnace and half way up is the charging door.  On the left by the figure is the tap hole.  I have modeled the Whiting cupola.

And above is a example of the prototype Whiting cupola.

Next I will add the roof and then start on the next building.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Llinn truck model

While trying to decide what model to build next I have constructed a kit I have had for a long time.  It is a Linn truck or more appropriately a Linn tractor.  I have very few kits left in my inventory - all vehicles of some type.

This kit by Rio Grande Models is composed of many detailed cast metal parts. These cast metal vehicle kits are tedious to build but usually result in nice models.

I believe these trucks/tractors were mostly used for logging due to the poor roads in the woods.

I have now decided on my next structure model so I need to do some research on the prototypes and make some sketches.