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Friday, July 14, 2017

Furniture factory model start

My next model project will be a small furniture factory.  I am finding it difficult to come up with new businesses to model as I have modeled a lot of 1939 period businesses that would be found in my modeling region of western Pennsylvania.  With the furniture factory i can use a lot of the SS Ltd cast metal furniture kits I accumulated years ago.  This factory will have three buildings - the construction shop, the assembly shop and the storage and display building.  I will construct them in that order.  All will have interior detail.

Above is the beginning of the construction shop.  It has board and batten walls and a wide end door which will be open to allow the machinery to be seen.  It is in the early stages.

One factor in selecting this industry to model is that I have a lot of SS Ltd cast metal home style furniture which I have not been able to use.

Above is a photo of a vintage furniture shop which made kitchen cabinets.

Above is a photo of a factory that used lots of wood for their products.

I spent several days this week sorting out my collections of wood track ties and freight car trucks.  I have a lot of both items, way more that I will ever use.  A result of accumulating materials from the estates of friends and my father.  Stuff, stuff stuff!

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