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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

New York Central RR Station Rochester NY

As a diversion from my building progress,  here is an interesting postcard I acquired some time ago.  I shows the 2nd station built by the NYC in that city - built 1882 and replaced by 1913.  What I found most interesting is the track leading up to the building in the foreground with a passenger car on it backed up to the building.  It appears the entire passenger terminal yard is elevated as the street runs under it.  There does not appear to be any door where the car is so???

I used to collect railroad and industry postcards, so I have a modest collection.  I go through them from time to time looking for ideas for my modeling.  I also collected RPO postmark cards and belonged for a time to the Railway Postal Society.  It seems few people send postcards any more as the are more convenient ways to correspond including email, texts and social media.  I do not participate in any social media (unless you consider this blog social media).  I find that people share way too much information on social media.

I am now working on furniture for my furniture factory.  Most of it will be placed on the loading docks on two sides of building #3.  A lot will be SS Ltd cast metal furniture kits, some plastic furniture and some scratch built.

I also decided to place the furniture factory next to the edge of the layout near the building under destruction.  I have finished leveling the site and had to make a small triangular addition at the edge on the layout to give more room in front of the factory.

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